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Sunday, 1 May 2011

Hack Yahoo | Hack Yahoo Account | Hack Yahoo Account Using Yahoo Hacker

Hi friends I hope you all are fine, After my previous article for "Social Engineering – Art of Human Hacking " I am again here with new hacking tool to hack yahoo account called Yahoo hacker. This will not hack yahoo account by just putting an email address and will generate his/her password. No, we have to work tricky and smartly to hack yahoo account using the skill of human manipulation or social engineering hacking attack. This article is also one example of Social Engineering Attack. So keep on reading about this

Hack Yahoo Account Using Yahoo Hacker
Yahoo Hacker is a application looks like Yahoo messenger, It’s a Yahoo account username and password spying tool , The victim will enter his/her password in this application by thinking that it’s a real Yahoo Messenger and Hacker will get his account information.

Hack Yahoo Account : How To Create Yahoo Hacker
·        First disable your anitivirus - Trust me this tool is created by me :)
·        Download Yahoo Hacker Creater ( Make yahoo messenger )
Password: - TRICKS4INDYA
·        And follow this steps as shown in the image below

·        Enter Gmail username and password ( I suggest to create fake account in gmail )
·        Then click on Build and fake spying yahoo messenger will be created like above
·        Thats it , Enjoy Hacking Of Yahoo .

Note : This fake Yahoo messenger is not FUD and detected by most antivirus as virus But here is the "FUD Crypter" , After crypting, the virus will become FUD from any antivirus.

If you want latest FUD Crypter than Download Here.
Password: - TRICKS4INDYA

Human Manipulation and Social Engineering

It’s not the end of hacking, the main and last step is remaining, To fool your victim, just tell him anything that he/she may like. Tell him/her that this is a very new version of Yahoo messenger and have the facility to Make Free Call Worldwide, then see will download your fake yahoo messenger and will try to login and you will get the password and her username too and you "Hack Yahoo Account"

So I think you have enjoyed this article, you might be thinking this is very easy and it’s not a professional hacking, no my dear! This is also a professional hacking and as I said it’s a part of
Social Engineering hacking.

Note: This is illegal and is for educational purpose only. Any loss/damage happening will not be in any way our responsibility.

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